Ganesh Mani

Full Stack Engineer & India-Hacker

Hey! I'm Ganesh, a Full-Stack Engineer by profession, Indie-Hacker by passion.

In the past 5 years, I've spent time to build products for startups. Most of the time, it's about building a product from End-to-End. My Area of expertise are React Ecosystem and Nodejs.

Also, I am passionate about blogging and bootstrapping. I've been blogging since 2019 @Cloudnweb. I've been writting a lot of guest blogs @LogRocket, ScoutAPM

Nowadays, I'm Obsessed with Indie-Hacking.

Most Popular

Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content

One of the major pain point of blogging/marketing is not getting enough traffic to the site. It can be either blogging or content marketing for your product. But SEO is an important marketing strategy for a long term game. Here we are going to Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content

I built a tool to Crosspost my blog to, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter in one click.

'This blog is about how I built a Micro-SaaS product for the problem statement that I have been facing for quite some time.

How I Launched Crosspost App on ProductHunt and Got My First Paying Customer

If you're an Indie Hacker like me, you will know the excitement of launching the product on ProductHunt. let me share my experience on launching my first product on ProductHunt and how it ended up as 2nd Product of the Day

Indie Projects

React 2025

CrossPost App

Share your Content to social platforms in one click. We help bloggers and Solopreneurs to share their content to social platforms from one place.

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